The Team

Arun Kant

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

(On sabbatical leave till Dec. 2017)

Arun is a entrepreneur, investor and technologist focused on IT software, data analytics, cloud platform, open source, IT infrastructure, Healthcare and sustainable energy.

He has over 26 years of experience on product centric founder, General Manager and CEO at startups and Fortune 500 companies in US, Europe and Asia.

Arun has a diverse background building enterprise, focused startups and extensive operational experiences in expanding companies in Asia and emerging markets with strong background in local laws, cultural and market demand and experience in investing in disruptive startups, coupled with strong financial industry background from trading to debt finance, equity research and a very well recognized Quant expert.

Arun’s greatest passion is being a mentor to entrepreneurs building technology-based businesses. He is driven by the desire to make a positive impact through scaling new energy sources, achieving petroleum independence, building a sustainable medical ecosystem, promoting a pragmatic approach to the environment.

He is also passionate about social entrepreneurship with a special emphasis on micro-finance as a poverty alleviation tool. He is a supporter of many microfinance organizations in India, Africa and Middle East and building software companies to help them manage and grow in these regions.

He also acts as a liaison officer between the company and various regulators on matters relating to regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering/Countering Financing Terrorism etc., implementation of best practice particularly with regards to AML/CFT regulations, and ensuring compliance with laws & regulations.

At Leonie Hill Capital he developed robust investment decision making process, on-going portfolio monitoring, evaluation and back office infrastructure to manage large in house portfolio.

Arun has an MBA from Stanford University and a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Madras

Bob Lau

Head of Private Equity

Bob joined Leonie Hill Capital as an investment partner in 2010. He has over 15 years of experience in financial, engineering and energy industries.

He was instrumental in setting up market neutral trading strategies and portfolio management team. He leads the financial analysis and advisory on fund strategies and portfolio formulation.

In 2011, he took over the role as Head of Private Equity and focuses on building transformative companies in areas of healthcare, agriculture, energy and other emerging technologies. Among others, a low cost portable ventilator for ICU and emergency rescue team; regenerative dialysis wearable and portable dialysis machine that breakaway with conventional dialysate.

He also leads the firm’s investment and partnership activities in China, Taiwan and Thailand. He is also experimenting with innovations in affordable housing through mass production and Lego assembly techniques.

He thinks out of the box to exploit the rigid rules in jewelers and gold smith trading by working with a Malaysia company in B2C physical gold trading platform.

Prior to joining Leonie Hill Capital, he was with Ferrell Asset Management where he focused on quantitative modelling and structuring of the company investment products and feasibility studies, due diligence and structuring for the company investment in property and precision engineering sectors.

Bob has a M. Sc. (Financial Engineering) from National University of Singapore and a B. Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Technology Malaysia.

Wee-Meng, Thoo

Head of Investments, TMT Sector

Wee Meng is a TMT veteran with 20 years of track record having served in leadership positions in fortune 500 companies like HP, Sun Microsystems (Oracle), VMware, Qatar Telecom(Oredoo), and NEC establishing Joint Venture partnership, leading Sales and Account Management, Market Development, Channel and Alliances partnership functions with diversification of achievements from New Business Start-up, Product Portfolio, Sales & Marketing Built up, Channel and OEM ecosystem, Led Corporate Strategy and M&A.

From his previous software engineering, consulting, sales management leadership roles covering a range of domains in Data Center, Cloud Services, Cyber Security, Enterprise System Management, ERP, CRM, HRMS, E-commerce, Open Source, Distributed Operating systems, Servers, Databases technologies and etc.

Tech as a sector covers a very large and specific sub sectors market. At Leonie Hill Capital, Wee Meng is responsible for the TMT Investments in building high-quality, market-leaders which have strong and defensible market positions, diverse customer bases, and which feature disruptive business models generating predictable revenues and cash flows. His team identify and assess further repeatable investment themes where can be invested to develop competitive advantages and ecosystem value chain.

Wee Meng brings his depth and breadth of TMT experience and knowledge to support companies’ existing management teams, aiming to have the knowledge of a trade buyer coupled with the speed and focused delivery of a financial buyer, helping it scale to becoming a global technology champion.

Wee Meng is also actively involved in Pro Bono championing the Innovation Initiatives in Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) in accelerating Cybersecurity innovation by forging partnerships between the Research Institution(RI), Cloud Computing Industry and the Financial Institutions. In addition, he also served as the Senior Advisor to the Administration Commission for Software Park in Fujian Provincial Government in China since 2007, advising on IT export initiatives for Chinese Fujian based ICT Enterprises going Global.